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Digital Communications will present a series of workshops throughout the year to help you organize, write, populate, build, and launch your site. 

opening slide for meet the web team presentation
Training and role maintenance are key components in the success of the Mason Drupal Platform (MDP). As our community has grown, Digital Communications has a user-role onboarding process intended to improve resourcing, stability, and governance of web operations.
To register for future training sessions, Mason personnel will be required to apply for a user role. This will help our team rationally manage the growing community of platform users and tailor training specifically to operational and strategic need. 
Further, all trainees will sit for a skills quiz to measure their proficiency in trained materials and concepts. 
In early 2019, we will be releasing training modules via Webex to better serve distributed campuses and employees working remotely. 

To assist you in building your roster of qualified site roles, we have assembled this list of qualifications and related roles/responsibilities.

Basic Qualifications:

  • A candidate's business unit (school, college, department or office) must have a site built on the Mason Drupal Platform, either live or in production.
  • A candidate must possess:
    • proficiency in basic desktop operations 
      • Microsoft Word or comparable
      • Digital photo editing and processing for WEB
      • Knowledge of mobile usability 
      • Beginner-level HTML ( style tags )
  • Users require access to reliable high-speed internet and a Mason NetID. It is the unit's responsibility to ensure these are in place prior to the candidate's training. 
  • A candidate must have the written endorsement of their site administrator or authoritative unit communicator.

User Types and Roles: 

  • Site Content Editor: Creates, edits, and publishes content on their unit's site.
    • Required Training: Mason Drupal Platform Training, Shared Content Training, Web Strategy Basics (Writing for the Web),
    • Recommended Training: Search Engine Optimization & Analytics
  • Site Content Contributor: Creates, edits content on their unit's website.
    • Required Training: Mason Drupal Platform Training, Web Strategy Basics (Writing for the Web)
  • Shared Content Contributor: Contributes, manages, edits, business unit's assets (news stories, faculty and student profiles, etc.) in the Shared Content environment –
    • Required Training: Mason Drupal Platform Training, & Shared Content Training
    • Recommended Training: Web Strategy Basics, Search Engine Optimization & Analytics
Only qualified applicants will be approved for training. Sessions will be planned based on demand via registrations.
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