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Please take a few moments to document the issue using the form below. A member of the Digital Communications team will contact you within two business days to provide assistance.

Please select the school, unit, utility or organization website requiring support.
What is the site URL (web address) of the exact page where the issue is occurring? The URL is located in the navigation bar of your internet browser. **Select the entire web address, click copy, and paste it in the blank below.**
Include details such as page type, whether it is browser specific, and/or any other relevant notes.
Sometimes everything seems to be in order on the back-end of the site, but the front end is misbehaving. Knowing where the problem is showing up on the front-end helps us troubleshoot more efficiently. Examples: Top navigation, Header, Sidebar, Main Content Area, Form component, Photo, Video, Calendar, Social feed, Mobile display
Training and supervisor sponsorship is required for access to the editor dashboard of the Mason Drupal Platform. Digital Communications offers other training modules on an occasional basis on subjects such as content development and strategy, digital strategy, and social media. Please indicate below if you are interested in upcoming training sessions and materials.


If you've successfully logged into the reported page or website in the past, but now are unable to access or experiencing difficulties, please check the following:

  • Ensure that you are logging in using
  • Clear active browsing data or cookies on the page. In Chrome, this is done by clicking on the padlock symbol to the left of the URL in the browser window. You will see a list of items pop up in a window. Select "cookies" and click "remove". Type in the URL of the site you normally access using your shibboleth credentials. 

If you are still experiencing difficulties logging in, submitting this form will alert a team member to check your permissions and editing credentials. 

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