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Hybrid/Unit Landing Page

Hybrid landing pages are used for specialized content. They have no child pages, so there is no sub-navigation.

These pages are currently used to showcase:

Because there is no sub-navigation, the templates give you the option of having a two-column photo (708 pixels by variable depth).

You can also float a smaller image (350 pixels by variable depth) into the two-column text and wrap text around it.

The layout also works well for calendars. The main calendar body goes on the left side, with small calendar filters on the right.

To use the hybrid landing page template, go to the row of Drupal commands in the upper left corner of the page, and hover over Content. A selection of template pages should appear to the right. Select landing page.

This will take you to the back end of the Mason Drupal Platform. Go to the Customize display selection, where you'll see a drop-down menu. Select Unit Landing Page.

Give your page a name, and save draft. You'll get a landing page without a sub-navigation. You'll see the two-column design. Build it as you would a regular landing page.

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