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Video has an increasing role in how colleges and universities introduce and present themselves to prospective students. They also have a role to play in how Mason showcases its brand and delivers its message.

Check Mason’s YouTube and Vimeo channels for general videos to use on your site. Another source you can try is GMU TV. You can also use videos created by others. All videos used on Mason websites must:

  • Be hosted on YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Be closed-captioned.

Mason’s Office of Assisted Technology will close-caption videos for free, even if they aren’t produced by Mason.

To place your video, select Customize this Page at the bottom of your page. You'll see the selection of blue boxes open. Select the plus sign on the right of the blue box, which will open your component list. Select Media, which will give you another list. Select Video.

Go to YouTube or Vimeo and find your video. Check to make sure it's closed-captioned. Save the url at the top of the page.

Paste the video url in the box. If you're floating the video to have text wrap around it, select left or right

If you float your video, it will be wrapped with text just as a floated photo is.

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