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Faculty Profiles

Profiles display biographical and academic information by category, allowing users to easily find specific information. 

For example, publications are under one tab, while research material is under another. Housing faculty profiles in shared content allows them to be used across multiple sites.​

To create a faculty profile in shared content, log in to with your Mason network credentials. Hover over the word Content, and a drop-down menu will appear. Hover over Add Content, and a second menu will appear. Select Faculty Profile.

faculty profile creating a page illustration

This will open a page on the back end of the Mason Drupal Platform with areas for you to input information. The Display Name field is marked with a red asterisk, indicating it must be filled in or the file can't be saved. You also have the option of uploading a portrait (size is 200 by 280 pixels), which should be high-resolution and formatted for use on the web. If the faculty member's CV is available as a Word document or PDF, that can also be uploaded here.

Faculty profile display name and photo upload illustration

To tag the profile to appear on your site, select the Organizations tab on the left. It will open a section showing the Site Association field. Select the arrow on the right, and a drop-down menu will appear. Select your unit, department, or school.

faculty profile identifying organization illustration

Put the faculty member's title (associate professor, director, dean, etc.) in the title box. If they have more than one title (for example, dean of a college, and professor in a class), select the Add Another Item option below the title box to include the additional title. Under Profile Types, check all boxes that apply; you can select more than one. If the faculty member teaches in more than one school or college, select the second instance of Add Another Item, at the bottom of the box, and it will create a selection of fields for the secondary unit.

faculty profile site association illustration

Select the Contact/Location tab on the left to add the faculty member's email address (and note whether you want it to display publicly), as well as other contact and location information such as phone number and office location and hours. These are optional fields. Note: It is absolutely vital that you put in the correct email address. Please check with the faculty member to ensure it's right before you make this profile public.

Faculty Profile location, contact illustration

There are seven additional tabs in which to input information. You don't have to fill out all of them, and if they have no information, empty tabs will not appear on the public-facing page. Most faculty will want to fill in at least part of the About tab. You can choose to show the faculty member's rank ...

Faculty profile rank illustration

... as well as their appointment status.

faculty profile appointment status illustration

Space is available for a biographical sketch in what is essentially a body text box, but please keep it brief. The text will be cut off if it goes too long. You can share additional information in the other tabs or through an upload of the CV.

faculty profile bio box

Next up is the opportunity to list the faculty member's degrees. You can simply list the degree, or select the plus sign next to Details, and provide more information. If you want to list more than one degree, select Add Another Item at the bottom.

Faculty profile degree illustration

If the faculty member has one or more personal websites, you can drop in the site's name and URL here. Please check the Open URL in New Window box, as clicking on the link will take the user off the Mason site. You can also drop in some Topics to make the profile more searchable. Adding topics allows the user to dig deeper into subjects that interest them.

faculty profile list website illustration

You can choose to save the page at any time while you're inputting text, but be advised that the Publish button is checked by default. If you're working on a page, but must step aside while it is incomplete, please take time to uncheck the Publish button before you save it.

faculty profile publish illustration

The additional tabs, which are all optional, are pretty intuitive and work in very similar ways. They include:

Research and Grants Awards
Consulting Experience Professional Affiliations
Presentations and Performances In the News
Schools & Programs