Image Quality, Size and Dimension Requirements

Quality Matters

Good image composition, including subject positioning, is key when selecting an image.  Choose an image that renders well on all screen sizes.  In most instances, this means the main subject of the photo should appear at or slightly right-of-center and in the middle third. 

Do not use photos that are:

  • Blurry
  • Brooked
  • Upside-down, or otherwise weird

People in your photo? 

  • Position so the entire image shows subjects from the waist up
  • If the photo isn't illustrating a story about feet or shoes - no need to show them!

Dimension & Size Limits

Common Image Dimensions

All images must be no larger than 2MB

  • Landing Page Single Header Image: Ratio is approximately 13:30, or no wider than 3000 pixels
  • Landing Page Slider Image: Ratio is approximately 16:9, or no wider than 3000 pixels
  • Profile Portraits or Headshots: Ratio is approximately 4:5, or no wider than 500 pixels
  • Embedded Images within a Text Block:  Select one of four pre-formatted embed sizes within the text block. Make sure your source image is between 400 and 800 pixels wide.
  • Featured Image Block: A featured image will expand to the size of the block it is placed in, and block size is determined by the section it is placed within. Images placed within a featured image block should be very crisp (no blurriness) and have the highest resolution possible, while still staying under the 2MB image size limit.  
  • News Featured Images: Ratio is approximately 5:4, or no wider than 400 to 800 pixels wide.