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The carousel component has multiple content items that rotate, with a header and explainer text. They frequently appear on landing pages, home pages, and in special circumstances, on content pages.

This is an opportunity to highlight some interesting facts about your unit. You can use numbers to brag about your stats, company names to boast about where your alumni have built careers, or words to convey an idea.

If the carousel is used on a landing page, the image behind it will be provided by the large photo topping the page.

If it's used on a home page, it will need an image specifically sized to go behind it (1600 by 300 pixels).

Carousels are optional; you don't have to use them on every landing page, but keep in mind that the photo image at the top of your page will need to be sized differently if you aren't using one.

To add a carousel, select Customize this Page at the bottom of your landing page. You'll select the Content Header component, which will open up your component list.

Select Media, which will give you another list. Select Carousel.

Fill in your number, word, or company name in the header, and the explainer content in the Carousel text box. Only one box appears initially, but you can add as many as you like by selecting "Add Another Item" at the bottom. Below that is the place where you'll upload your photo, if you need to add a background image.

If you use a carousel, you must have a minimum of five items to get the boxes to rotate, as four will always appear on the page on a PC/laptop screen. Generally, eight or nine is the maximum, but you can have more under special circumstances.

Don't forget to select Finish at the bottom of the component box, then save the page to preserve your work.

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