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Building a Home Page

Your unit's home page is often the first chance to connect with users and make an impression.

It's your public face, telling people who you are, what you do, and what you can do for them. Take this opportunity to place content that intrigues, attracts, and encourages people to find out more.

Build your home page with purpose. Your site should show that your unit has a strong sense of self, and the page should reflect that. Knowing your goal, mission, and message enables you to place elements on the page to achieve your objectives.

While Mason's primary audiences are prospective and current students, your department might have a variety of groups you want to reach. Identify the actions you want those visitors to take, then structure the page and content to direct them to act. You can accomplish this by:

  • Using enticing images.
  • Guiding visitors to pages of special interest.
  • Keeping mobile in mind when setting up structure.
  • Selecting components that emphasize goals.
  • Making high-priority content easy to find.

Don't try to put everything on the home page. People don't expect all your information to be there, and cramming the page can cause confusion and frustration, as well as slowing load times.

Structure and Components

Unlike landing and content pages, home pages are constructed using drawers. The Drawer Content box acts just like the Content Area boxes on content and landing pages. You'll also need to name the drawer, as this will be what appears on mobile devices.

In addition to components available across the site, home page templates feature a selection of special components. Home page tools include:

If you're starting a home page from scratch, the box labeled Top will be where you place your Banner Swiper, Rotator, or Static Image.

You can select the other components you want to use, and place them in the order you choose. Make sure there are no empty drawers between the filled ones; empty drawers cause problems in your display.

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