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If you're linking to several related pages, a list of links provides a way to organize and compartmentalize your list.

This is an alternate choice to a bulleted list. Instead of traditional round black bullets, this component, which hyperlinks your list of items, uses green triangles. For example, the College of Visual and Performing Arts uses this component on an Employment page.

To add a list of links, select Customize this Page at the bottom of your page. You'll see the selection of blue boxes open. Select the plus sign on the right of the blue box, which will open your component list. Select Page Items, which will give you another list. Select List of Links.

This will open a box with a Title (which is optional), a place for the words you want to use in the listing, and for the url of the link. If you're linking to a page on your site, use the page's node number. If you're linking off site, use the page's url, and check the "Open url in new window" box.

Only one List of Links box appears initially, but you can add as many as you like by selecting "Add Another Item" at the bottom.

Don't forget to select Finish at the bottom of the box when you're done, then save the page.

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