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When your site is instantiated (created) and the components selected, one of the first choices you'll make will be your default header image.

This is the photo that will appear at the top of all content pages throughout the site, unless you choose to replace it manually.

The header that's visible on a content page is 1600 by 250 pixels. However, you'll need to size the image at 1600 by 450, as the image might be used on a page such as a calendar of events, such as the example on the Volgenau site.

Because the image has the potential to appear at two separate depths, use care when selecting the photo for your default image. You'll want one that works at both depths.

Some sites have chosen to use topic-specific images on some content pages.

The College of Visual and Performing Arts selected images that reflected the content on some Admissions pages.


Volgenau also uses topic-specific images on its Expertise pages.

To manually place a header image on a content page, open the page in Edit, which will appear in the upper left corner in the row of Drupal commands.


Upload your 1600-by-250-pixel image here. If you leave it blank, the page will pick up the default header image.

You'll see a thumbnail version of your image pop in.

Don't forget to save the page to preserve your work.

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