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Expandable areas can provide information that is in similar categories, but of special interest to different audiences. It allows us to get a lot of information on a page without making it too deep.

Each section is under its own header; additional text is hidden unless someone chooses to read it. People who come to the site can go straight to content they want to read without being forced to wade through material that is of little or no interest to them. For example, the School of Music has a variety of programs, but not every music student is interested in every one.

By selecting the plus sign on the right, the text block opens, revealing the content they want to read.

To add an expandable area, select Customize this Page at the bottom of your page. You'll see the selection of blue boxes open. Select the plus sign on the right of the blue box, which will open your component list. Select Page Items, which will give you another list. Select Expandable Area.

This will open a box with a Title (which is optional), a Headline (which is NOT optional), and a box that functions like a body text box, which is where you place your text. Only one Expandable Area box appears initially, but you can add as many as you like by selecting "Add Another Item" at the bottom.

Don't forget to select Finish at the bottom of the box, then save the page to preserve your work.

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