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Calls to Action encourage our users to interact with us.

They appear on the left side of content pages (pictured), and across the top of landing pages.They should always include a verb and encourage the user to do something (learn, explore, discover, visit, apply, etc.)

There is a selection of icons available to illustrate the buttons. Your site can choose not to use them, but it must be consistent. You can't use icons on some pages and not on others.

To create a call to action, customize this page and go to the sidebar button under the sub-navigation to open a content box.

Select Page Items, then select Call to Action from the component list.

Fill in the highlighted boxes. If you're linking off site, use the page's url, and check the box to Open URL in New Window. If you're linking to a page on your site, use the node instead of the page url. If you're using icons, select the one that best matches the requested action.

When you complete a Call to Action, remember to select Finish at the bottom of the content box, and save the page.

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