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Student/Alumni Profiles

Profiling students and alums who are high achievers lets prospective students, parents, and donors see how Mason puts graduates on a path to success.

It's your department's time to boast a little, about people who have made or will make a mark in the world. Find some examples of alumni profiles on the College of Visual and Performing Arts site, and student profiles on the Honors College site.

To create a profile in shared content, log in to with your Mason network credentials. Hover over the word Content, and a drop-down menu will appear. Hover over Add Content, and a second menu will appear. Select Student/Alumni.

student alumni profile page creation illustration

This will open a page on the back end of the Mason Drupal Platform with areas for you to input information. The First and Last Names, Status, and Type fields are marked with a red asterisk, indicating they must be filled in or the file can't be saved. There is also a place to include the year of graduation..

student alumni profile required text illustration

You have the option of including a portrait. Please upload a high-resolution image, as this will look best on the page. Include the academic program in which they are studying or from which they graduated, and a link to the program's description. If you're linking to program information that is off site (to the Mason catalog, for example), please check the "Open URL in New Window" box. When inputting the text for the biographical sketch, please keep it as tight as possible.

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When you're ready for the profile to be available for public view, select Publish, and check the Published button. Then Save. The profile is now ready to be shared on any site in the Mason Drupal Platform universe.

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