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Publications in Shared Content

Publishing and creating new works is an important part of academic life, and Mason faculty can be proud to showcase their work.

Placing information about published items in shared content means they can be attached to a faculty member's profile. If more than one person contributed to the article, the publication information can live in one place in shared content, but appear on multiple faculty members' profiles.

To create a publication in shared content, log in to with your Mason network credentials. Hover over the word Content, and a drop-down menu will appear. Hover over Add Content, and a second menu will appear. Select Publication.

illustration of publication page selection

This will open a page on the back end of the Mason Drupal Platform with areas for you to input information. The Title and Publication Type fields are marked with a red asterisk, indicating they must be filled in or the file can't be saved. Publication Type includes options that are not necessarily in a written form, as Mason faculty are experts in a variety of fields.

illustration of publication type descriptions

Below publication type is a space for the faculty member's name. If there are one or more co-authors, select Add Another Item to include their names. You can also upload a photo of the cover of the publication, if you have it; this is not required. Below that is space for an abstract of the publication, if you want to include one; this is optional. This works in the same way as a body text box.

illustration of publication faculty information tabs

Below that is a space for a description of the publication or project, which is optional. You can also choose to fill in some topic words, which helps with SEO/search. If this is all the information you have or want to publicize, you can select publish, and it will become available for use on websites.

illustration of publication description options

You have the option of including additional information through fields under the Publication Data Tab and Other Info Tab.

illustration of publication tabs

Information you can choose to input under these tabs include:

Publication URL Publish Date Display Date
Language Volume/Issue ISBN (International Standard Book Number)
ISSN (International Standard Serial Number)  ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) Number of Pages 
Patent Number Patent-Issuing Organization Artist/Conductor/Composer/ Director Name
Publisher Other Contributors Source Publication
Meeting Name Meeting Location Video URL/Description

If you choose not to put information into any of the optional fields, they will not show as blank on the page. Only fields that have been filled in will appear. 

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