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Shared Content

Save Time, Maintain Consistency​​

Shared Content is material that’s used by multiple sites across Mason’s digital ecosystem. It provides a centralized home for such things as academic program descriptions, faculty profiles, and news stories that appear on a variety of university websites.​

Having shared content means multiple people don’t have to perform the same task, or someone has to make the same update in several places. If something must be altered or updated, the change is made in one place, then flows across all sites on which the material appears.

Using shared content:

  • Maintains editorial consistency across all Mason sites.
  • Saves time and labor by making changes/updates in one place for multiple sites.
  • Minimizes silos by making content universally available and easy to share across the university’s digital ecosystem.

It also enables us to speak with one voice, following Mason’s content strategybranding, and style guidelines.

Items that go into shared content include:

  • Academic Programs
  • Courses
  • Course Sections
  • News Stories
  • Faculty Profiles
  • Dissertations
  • GrantsPublications
  • Student/Alumni Profiles

You'll find shared content material:

Being able to share faculty profiles comes in particularly handy when faculty members teach classes in more than one college or school. Using Shared Content means they only have to maintain their biographical information in one place

Sourcing from Banner​​​

Much of the material in shared content originates in Banner. Generally speaking, we don’t create new versions of academic programs, courses, course sections or faculty profiles. Banner is our official Mason source; all these items should originate from there.

Every 24 hours, we get a new import of information from Banner, so if you have a new faculty member, when they’re in the Banner system, a “stub” will appear in shared content, and you should be able to find it by searching for their name. If you’re absolutely sure someone is in Banner and you can’t find them:

  • If they’re new, wait one day to make sure they’ve had time to be pulled in with the latest Banner import.
  • Double-check the name and the spelling. For example, Rick Davis originally came in as Richard, and at least one dance instructor goes by a stage name that is different from his legal name (which is the one that appears in Banner).

Still can’t find them? Contact Kristin Heydt or Lisa Hitt in the Office of Communications and Marketing and/or Stephanie Werhane in Information Technology Services.

We can (and do) edit and add to content that's sourced from Banner, but the basic information (classes a faculty member is teaching that semester, for example) can’t be changed or edited. If something needs to be altered or updated, that change must be made in Banner.

Other material in shared content is what we at Mason create from scratch, such as news stories and student/alumni profiles.

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