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Building a Site

The Mason Drupal Platform is one of the content management systems that the university uses to create and manage our websites.

If You Build It, They Will Come

The Mason Drupal Platform has variety of customized components to help you build pages in a way that best presents your content.

You'll also have a site that has a look and feel that's consistent with other Mason sites. Another bonus: access to shared content.

Some Mason units that are already in the MDP ecosystem include:

Building a website is a complicated process. WebInfo will guide you through it, including instructions and information on using the Mason Drupal Platform content management system.

You can get some general information on how to use the MDP through the unversity's account with However, Mason's system is so customized, you'll need to be trained on how to use our components before you can work on university websites. The Lynda classes are not required.

We'll also have some sites on WordPress, and we're working on a way to give them the Mason look. Stay tuned.

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